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Learn About Halloween Contact Lens Safety

Posted on 10-18-2017

You’ve got the perfect costume all planned out, and now all you need are the perfect eyes to go with it. Good news: We can help. Before you take the plunge and order lenses from an online pr...

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Introducing MODO Designer Frames | Eyes of Texas Vision Care

Posted on 08-01-2017

Great news! Our collection of designer frames is growing! We now offer MODO sunglasses and eyeglasses at Eyes of Texas Vision Care. We'd love to introduce you to this exciting eyewear brand, b...

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Blue Light Exposure and Eye Health

Posted on 06-20-2017

You may have heard to turn off your phone at night or leave it in another room when you go to sleep.  The effects of blue light, a phenomenon that has become more prevalent as digital devices...

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TC Charton Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Posted on 06-09-2017

Diversity makes life interesting, but it can also reveal some limitations in the world of designer eyewear. Not everyone has the same type of facial shape or features, and your ethnic heritage or ...

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